MTU gas engines

MTU onsite energy is a renowned manufacturer of engines and generators for gas and biogas

MTU onsite energy recently withdrew its lower horsepower gas engine range : 400 series.

MTU has stopped supplying parts for its range of small gas engines.

For this series of MTU series 400 and 3042 engines, gasmotor can supply you with:

  • spare part kits for overhaul and renovation for MTU gas engine
  • short block and long block for MTU gas engine
  • complete renovated engines for MTU gas engines

Types of MTU gas engines concerned for long block or complete:

  • MTU 3066,
  • MTU 3042D/ L/ Zx
  • MTU 3042 L5

MAN gas engines – long block or complete engines:

  • Man e2842 LE 322
  • MAN e2876 LE 302

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